We Are Think HD

Why HD? Think HD was founded in late 2007 as Howl Design, LLC. Since then, our company has expanded, and our focus has evolved to new markets. As of early 2011, we launched Think HD, which focuses on web and mobile application development as well as individual website projects.

Sam Johnson

Sales and Product Creation

Hi, I’m Sam Johnson the main software developer at Think HD. I’ve had a broad range of experiences in the software world. Ever interested in the next big thing, I have been involved with Java, .NET, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and tons of other lesser known technologies. I bring code to life with my programming expertise.


Building robust web applications that make your company more profitable.

Tatyana Johnson

Numbers and Schedules

Hi, I’m Tatyana Johnson. I’m a natural with numbers and accounting. I am tasked with keeping Think HD healthy and rolling, managing time and billing. I’m also in charge of timelines and keeping the guys on track with deliverables and schedules.


Communication, Client Relations, Time and Billing, Project Management, Team Management

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