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You have great ideas. Let us help you make them into great realities!

iOS / Android

Mobile apps can put your products directly into the hands of your customers. Whether it's information, new products, or making their lives easier, mobile apps give you a directly line to your customers.

  • Native iOS apps using XCode and Swift, Native Android apps using Android Studio
  • Custom mobile apps at a reasonable price point
  • Your app, Your way - no bulky, restrictive frameworks

Web / Enterprise

Some ideas require more than just a simple website. Web and Enterprise apps are those ideas realized and monetized. Howl Design has worked on a large number of custom solutions including a franchise management software, a tool for teaching hearing-impared to read, a hospital peer-review system, a sales presentation tool for presenting real-time engineering data in a secure manner, and several others.

  • No limit creation - if you can explain it, we can build it
  • Custom solutions that don't have to be on the app store
  • You own the code, no license fees


Websites are the easist way for your customers to find you. Let us craft the experience that brings in those customers.

Wordpress / eCommerce

Wordpress powers over 30% of all websites on the internet. Its ubiquity is undeniable and its ease of use is continually improving. Unless a website needs to be completely custom we generally suggest building the site using Wordpress.

  • Everyone loves Wordpress
  • Wordpress admin training usually takes about 1 hour
  • eCommerce through WooCommerce plugin, training takes about 1-2 additional hours
  • Quickly and Easily get a copy of your site should you need to switch hosts

Hosting / Custom

Hosting is the general term for the server space that holds your website. There are several hosting solutions available at varying price points. In general the less you pay the slower your website. Howl Design hosts through Digital Ocean to provide the most cost effective solution to our clients having the most flexibility and speed.

  • Dedicated virtual private server - no sharing, it's all yours
  • Weekly - Backup plans
  • Call for custom quote and pricing 601 500-7883

About Howl Design

Howl Design was founded in 2007 and has been making great websites and awesome software for over a decade. We've always been a small company and we leverage that to give our clients more attention, focus, and value than our competitors. Our office is in Ridgeland, but we're more than happy to come to you to discuss your app or website needs.